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Dryer vent meets codes.

Make sure that your dryer vent systems are up to code with city, state, and manufacturer specifications.

NO Plastic or Foil Vents.

Replace any plastic or foil vent tubes with semi-rigid or solid metal venting.

Lint Screen Trays.

Clean screen lint trays before and after drying a load. Wash the lint screen with soap and water every few months to remove residue left behind by fabric softeners.

Annual Vent Cleaning.

You should have your dryer vent systems professionally cleaned and inspected every year.

Chemical & Storage.

Do not store any combustibles like chemical cleaning products or chemical laden rags near the dryer.

Unattended Drying.

Never go to bed or leave the house with your dryer running.

Winter Checks.

In cold weather, check the outside vent cover to make sure it is not blocked or frozen shut.

Warning Signs of Possible Problems.

Clothes take more than one cycle to dry, especially jeans and towels.
No lint appears on the lint screen after a cycle.
Dryer repeatedly stops during a cycle.
Clothes have a moldy smell after a drying cycle.
Clothes are VERY HOT after a dry cycle.

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